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Pastor Mei Sum Lai



Pastor Mei Sum Lai is of Chinese descent. She grew up in Hong Kong with her parents and two older siblings. Although they are not Christian, as a child, her parents sent her to a catholic kindergarten and an Anglican elementary school, knowing full well that even though the education cost was higher, that it would be better for her. In grade 8 she was withdrawn from school to begin work in her father’s factory, where she also lived for 11 years. At the age of 23, Pastor Mei Sum was baptized. When she was 25, she left her father’s factory. In 1991, Pastor Mei Sum and her family left Hong Kong and came to Canada. Six years later, her family returned to Hong Kong, only Pastor Mei Sum remained.

After 12 years of working as a graphic designer in a publishing company, Pastor Mei Sum heard the call of God telling her, “now is the time”. She went to the University of Toronto and met the requirement of studying in Seminary. In 2008, Pastor Mei Sum graduated from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary with a Diploma of Theology and in 2011, she obtained her MDiv. degree.

Pastor Mei Sum is quite multi-denominational. She attended grade school in an Anglican community, has served as a conductor in a Baptist Church, attended a Pentecostal congregation, and joined a missionary church in Hong Kong whose origin is a ‘union’ church in Germany. She then studied at seminary as a Lutheran pastor.

Pastor Mei Sum communicates with open honesty and enthusiasm. She strongly believes –

We are God’s children and we belong to no one, not even ourselves ... but belong to God alone”.

Pastor Mei Sum’s first call was to Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. In 2010, she was called to Ottawa and currently serves Resurrection Lutheran Church of Orleans. Pastor Mei Sum is passionate in God’s Word. She has strong convictions of her faith and in God. She strongly encourages relationships with one another, with family, with the pastor and most importantly with God.

Once our relationship is strong with one another, we can study the community and we can develop a plan on how and what to approach. But the most important part is looking to God and seeking His face. Without God, we can’t do His will. God must increase and we must decrease.”