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jesus loving the worldOutreach


Our goal is to promote Christian benevolence and outreach, both through the Synod and other Christian bodies, as well as through direct support of local community charitable organizations, events and global mission.


Previous Global Activities

  • In 2012 and 2013 we helped raise funds for much needed building materials for Companeros Inc., who were actively rebuilding the barrios of Nicaragua. 
  • In 2011, we supported the "One Community" project which is offered by Canadian Lutheran World Relief. This year long project was a huge success for our small congregation.

Local Activities


Updated: November 2018



Green Swirls TopWCurrent Outreach Activity


Food Bank Focus

Dry food, canned and toiletry items can be dropped off in the bin located in the church narthex.


Reminder: The Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard has an overabundance of egg cartons and is no longer in need of this item. However, they would appreciate grocery bags and containers of 500 ml or more. These items can also be placed in the bin located in the church narthex.




Updated: January 2019