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Sunday School ...

is offered to children from ages three/kindergarten to age 12/grade 6. Our older youth volunteer as assistants to the younger members.


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All children, join the adult worship at the beginning of the worship service. When the Readings begin, the children will leave with the teacher to participate in the KidTalk program. During KidTalk, dedicated instructors introduce children to Bible stories through illustrated materials and hands-on activities. They explore their questions about God and the world while learning what the Bible has to say about issues that matter to them.

Resurrection also makes use of specially produced education materials and programs developed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). All of this happens in an environment where children can be themselves.

After KidTalk, the children return to the worship service where they join their family for communion and remain in the sanctuary until the end of the worship service.

If for any reason, a child might be shy in joining the KidTalk program and would prefer to remain with their parent(s), please ask the usher for a quiet activity bag.

In addition to the KidTalk program, the children participate as worship helpers, in special presentations such as the Christmas play or various readings, throughout the year.


   Updated: May 19th, 2018

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Vacation Bible School 2018

Incredible .....Amazing
Summer Camp Program
for ages 11-14

To learn more about this year's exciting program, click here.

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Summer Camp Program
for ages 4-10

We regret to inform you that this year's program for this age group has been cancelled.